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Guided Tours

Guided tours provide a lot advantages over just renting a bike. For one you will learn more about the island, about its history, about the environment, about the culture

You will connect with someone living on the island that has insights into the life here. This makes for a richer experience. Also it removes the possibility of getting lost (always a good thing). And if there is a mechanical failure the guide will hopefully be able to fix it as opposed to you having to do it. 

There are different tours to choose from and often the guide will know which one will suit you best. Besides we personally like to connect with people as opposed to just renting bikes. For us it is a pleasure to meet people from all over the world and it is our privilege to introduce people to such a beautiful place.

*You can look at the waiver and deposit agreement you will sign under the “Contact” heading.

Tours usually are 3 to 4 hours long with a break.
(with a few snacks)

1 person*


2 people


3 people


(Any more than 3 people starts to feel crowded and impersonal)
Pricing depends on tour. See below.
*Only available for Majona route.
Tours usually are 3 to 4 hours long with a break. (with a few snacks)

1 person* · 100 €

2 people ·· 150-170€

3 people ··· 190-210€

(Any more than 3 people starts to feel crowded and impersonal)
Pricing depends on tour. See below.
*Only available for Majona route.


  • Juego de bolas
  • Alto de Garajonay
  • Majona

Check out our tours through these tabs !

Juego de bolas

Price: 2 people = €160, 3 people = €210

Distance: 36km

Ride time: 3-4 hours

Level: Intermediate

This is our own customised tour and it is one of the best. The entire tour is 36 kilometres and takes roughly 4 hours during which we pass through three different valleys. The views change drastically from those of gorgeous valleys and mountains, to reservoirs, to dense verdant forest, to dry red clay, to stunning views of the sea with Teide majestically in the background. For most of the route the tour rides on small asphalt country side roads with very little traffic. But upon entering the park it becomes a dirt track. This tour has a bit of everything including a stop at Mirador de Abrante which is the maybe the most visited lookout point on the island. 

Alto de Garajonay

Price: 2 people = €160, 3 people = €210

Distance: 36km

Ride time: 3-4 hours

Level: Intermediate

This tour passes through the highest part of the island. The views can be stunning. From the lookout point of Alto de Garajonay on a clear day you can see 4 of the 7 Canary Islands. This tour can be a good option for the afternoon to catch the sunset in the west with the island of La Palma in the distance. The trail also passes through the national park and the beautiful laurissilva forest that captures moisture from the air and provides water to the island. 


Price: 1 person = 100€, 2 people = €150, 3 people = €200

Distance: 55km

Ride Time: 5-6 hours

Level: Advanced

Starting straight from San Sebastián there is a stiff 9km climb up into the lesser known and much less visited Majona park. The dirt track then continues in a rolling way through the park. Unlike the dense verdant forests of Garajonay park, Majona has wide open vistas that look down steep barrancos and across the channel to Tenerife. There is a wonderful feeling of emptiness and majesty to the park. The track gradually climbs up to some sea cliffs that look down onto the coastline of the valley of Hermigua. It is a dramatic and breathtaking view. Then there is a steep, switchback decent that follows down to Hermigua. The track is as wide as a car but there are no guardrails and there are steep cliffs off to the side. Also there is a lot of loose rock. This is NOT a ride for people without mountain biking experience. Also if heights make you nervous this ride is not for you. Now starting the return to San Sebastián the route follows what the locals call cemetery road up the valley of Hermigua. This road eventually joins the main road that then passes through a number of tunnels on the way back. All in all it is a very satisfying and beautiful tour.

Bike Rental
0 hours


0 hours


0 hours


It includes:

Electric Bike
Small Backpack

We have 4 Lapierre 400Wh mountain E-bikes. With a bit of instruction you will find the bikes very easy to use.

* A 200€ credit card deposit will be taken per bike and will refunded within 5 days of the rental

to cover any damages to the bike that may take place outside of normal wear and tear.

Picking up and dropping off

For the picking up and dropping off the bikes the price will vary depending on the distance traveled from San Sebastián but it will be for each way somewhere between:


Masks and Snorkels Rental

We also have masks and snorkels available for renting for


Charger Rental

If you want to go far and fast we suggest you take a charger.


Be advised that charging the battery does take time.

Child Seat

The seat is adjustable and can accommodate children up to 3 years old. There is also a child helmet available.


Non Guided Tours

You have the option of just renting a bike and doing the tour yourself. We have customised maps prepared that you are welcome to use. 

You will receive the map via a text message and it operates using google maps to hopefully keep you from getting lost. Depending on which tour you select we will likely still need to meet you and drop off and pick up the bikes. If you have a van big enough to transport the bikes without having to take off the front wheel you are welcome to do so. There are also a couple of tour options that start from San Sebastián that don’t require the use of a vehicle.

  • From San Sebastián
  • La Laja
  • Playa de Ávalo and Punta Llana
From San Sebastián

Non-Guided Tours out of San Sebastián

These tours are for the average person to enjoy. The rides follow the principle roads and are not dangerous. The rider does need to be attentive to vehicles.  

Both of these tours are can be done comfortably in 4 hours or less and if you want you can do both in one day by renting the bikes for 8 hours for just 10€ more.

Click on the next tabs to see the options!

La Laja

La Laja is the uppermost village located in the barranco that starts just outside of the San Sebastián and it could be one of the most beautiful places on the island. The ride follows along the main road and as you climb up you pass through a number of small communities. The higher you go the more beautiful it gets. If you continue beyond La Laja the road turns from asphalt to dirt and it leads you to the highest water reservoir in the barranco which is bordered by a Canary pine forest and a great place to have a picnic. There are also walking trails that continue on from this point. It’s all downhill on the way back. This tour takes anywhere from 2 – 4 hours depending on your own rhythm and is roughly 25km.   

Playa de Ávalo and Punta Llana

To the beach! This is another great option for a bike ride leaving San Sebastián. This ride takes you along a windy road that follows the coast line. The views of Teide are marvellous. A 7.5 km ride takes you to a beautiful cove beach (playa Ávalo). This is great out of the way beach to spend some time swimming, reading, snorkelling and picnicking. It’s a light and easy ride on an E-bike and a very pleasant way to pass a day (it is still hilly and you can get some exercise if you want depending on how much you engage the battery). You can continue on from Playa de Ávalo to the geographically remarkable place of Punta Llana. The road turns from asphalt to dirt and follows along a line of spectacular sea cliffs that feature the interesting volcanic rock layering that can be found on the island. Here you will find signs warning of the potential of falling rocks and that you can proceed but at your own risk. The dirt road then winds down to a remote hermitage that is steeped in legend and is also the sanctuary of the Virgen de Guadalupe who every 5 years is picked up by a flotilla of boats and taken on a tour to all the communities of the island for the Lustrales celebration. The beach at Punta Llana is a sandy beach but the sea conditions are often not very good in this area and is not recommended for swimming and bathing. It is remarkable place and worth visiting. Our recommendation, should you choose to go to Punta Llana, is to go there first and then on the way back stop at Playa de Ávalo for a swim and a picnic.


islandtime EZ Bikes is located right in the heart of the port town of San Sebastián. La Gomera is a notoriously mountainous island and unless you are serious biker it is not such friendly place for your average holiday traveler who wants to do some biking. There is hardly a flat spot to be found. Electric bikes provide the perfect way to see this beautiful island and not die from exhaustion. 

We have no desire to become a big bike rental company. We like being a low impact, small business that offers a good service to people wanting to enjoy the beauty to be found here. We respect the island and the community here and it is our hope to make a positive contribution to both.

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We are located at Calle Real 46, San Sebastián de La Gomera. There is no store. A green door leads into a private patio where the bikes are kept.

See Waiver Agreement and Deposit Agreement you will sign.